Hot Water Systems Adelaide:

Do you need help with your hot water systems in Adelaide?

Premier Gas is the specialist in hot water systems in Adelaide. we provide a comprehensive service for hot water systems, including: repairs, servicing, replacements, installations and conversions for all types of systems.


We install a wide range of hot water systems in Adelaide including:

  1. Gas
    • Instantaneous
    • Continuous flow
    • Storage
  2. Solar
    • High line and low line
    • Gas and electric
  3. Electric
    • Heat pump
    • Storage

When it comes to hot water systems the choice is all yours. In Adelaide, gas and electric, storage hot water heaters were once very common. These type of systems work by storing heated water in a large storage tank so that the hot water is available on demand. However, these days with advances in technology there are now systems that are able to deliver far more energy efficient options. These advancements are thanks to gas, heat pump and solar hot water heaters. Ultimately, the choice is up to you to decide which system will best work for your needs.


We all know there’s nothing worse than discovering your hot water system isn’t working. At Premier Gas we strive to take away the pain from the situation by replacing your hot water system in a fast and efficient manner. In our fully equipped service van, our plumbers come out on site to you to assess the problem. Using electrical elements and thermostats from our van, we solve your hot water system problems on the spot.


Our plumbers ensure hot water systems in Adelaide are replaced following the strict South Australian guidelines. Regulations state that electric storage hot water heaters are not to be replaced with similar units. Instead, to meet current energy regulations they must be replaced with either a heat pump or a solar unit.

Additionally, gas storage hot water systems that only have a 3 to 4 star energy rating must be replaced with systems that have 5 stars. These systems include gas continuous flow and 5 star storage units like Dux Prodigy 5, Aquamax and Rheem Stellar storage units.

With our help, you will have peace of mind that your hot water system has been replaced in line with the South Australian regulations.


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